Advanced Audio Visual manufactures Pentium based video editing and animation workstations. Let us build one for you. Our systems work GREAT and for less money. We do Win 95 and Win NT 4.00, call for a quote.

Media Systems' Video Action NT is excellent for video editing. and so is Adobe Premiere 4.2.......

DPS Perception and Daughter Card: Break-out cabling for Input and Output of multiple video sources--Composite, Component, S-Video--

Perception Card: $1,695.00, Daughter Recorder Card: $899.00

DPS and Adaptec, Sony DV cameras and Adobe Premiere 4.2 video editing software have teamed to bring you direct from the DV camera to the Adaptec card, and with the use of DPS drivers and Adobe Premiere, you can edit your videos digitally and never go analog (voltages). Stay digital with us and DPS. The DPS Spark sells for $995.00--and WE ARE DEALERS! Yes! DV camera is optional.