Advanced Audio Visual is an authorized ElectroVoice sound system dealer. The superior warranty and excellent sound quality of EV is worth the extra money. This is not a low cost product. But it is a worth-the-money product.  Our rental gear is all EV because our customers don't want distortion. For pricing and availability Call: 903-581-1954. Do not call this number for technical advice, because we are not capable of that.  You can email us anything and if you can answer it, we will email you back.  We can't field 20 tech phone calls per day. We sell new EV PA Systems and drivers.  Thank You.

We are prepared to offer you excellent deals on EV microphones,  speakers, amps, mixers and effects systems.  Cables, too.

If you need technical assistance about Electrovoice products, call them at 616-695-6831

Special on NEW SPEAKER:  EV Sx500:  400-watt 15" 2 way , biampable, high efficiency, constant directivity speaker system, featuring a vented horn woofer section.  State of the Art professional loudspeaker system. Molded cabinet.  High intelligibility.  Too many features to list.  MSLP $998.00, we sell for much less.

Clearance Sale:

T-251 EV Speaker (2)  400 watt 2 way 15", trapazoidial.  $690.00 ea. Demos, hardly used at all.  Guaranteed!
P2000 Dynacord Amp.  550/550 into 8 ohms.  New!$1,599.00, with full warranty.
P1250 Dynacord Amp.  370/370 into 8 ohms.  Demo, hardly used at all.  Guaranteed. $1,100.00 ea
MTL-1 800 watt sub (2), double 18-inch SubScoop. New--$1,050.00 ea. Sold!
S-181 400-watt, 18-inch sub (2), New. $500.00 each. Sold!
EX-24  Stereo two-way/mono three-way 24 -db/octave active crossover.  $450.00 ea
Dynacord DRP-10 signal processor  $799.00 ea
Sb120a Amplified Bass Module Speaker  $649.00 ea
P350SX  Processed Powered Amplier Speaker  $749.00 ea
MS-802 Semi-near-fiel studio reference monitors (pair) $499.00
FR10-2B  100-watt, 10-inch two-way cinema surround speaker THX approved $279.00 ea
FR12-2 100-watt, 12-inch two-way oak vinyl bookshelf speaker great for home stereos--demos $425.00 ea
Much, much more.
Shipping is extra.
All credit cards accepted.

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