903-581-1954 Advanced Audio Visual
Super Strobe 60 watt, variable speed, can be linked w/ optional controllers. $call

8" mirror ball package--On Sale $call

Orbit II--7 Gobo patterns and 4 dichroic colors.  Patterns slowly rotate and move to the music. Fan cooled. Sound active. $call

Barrel Ray, Features 9 dichroic colors plus white. Sound active barrel that spin to the beat of the music moving up, down, and across.  Effects switch.  $call.  Great for the money.

F-300-A 30' remote with heat light and fog trigger button. 1000 watt heater. $call

 Fog juice $call per gallon
Chameleon--9 dichroic colors and white. Special effect switch; give constant color changing effect or sound active. Creates solid or split beams of color. Great for club or mobile use.--$call
Gobo Spot 1--Great for Holloween--designed to be a pattern projector, making it possible to project a focused image onto a dance floor, wall, or ceiling. Specify color. One beam.  Comes with randomly selected gobo and includes one free Halloween gobo.  There are 48 gobos available.--$call