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Attorney Eric Jensen, Moderator, Weekly TV program of current trends in Texas law on all subjects, with invited local lawyers to discuss impact on Texas families.

Moderator: Eric D. Jensen, Attorney At Law, 6614 S. Broadway Ave, Tyler, Texas 75703, 903-581-1992.. Mr. Jensen, a licensed Texas attorney practices personal injury law, divorce law, and criminal law.*

Show airs Sunday mornings at 9:00am on TCA cable 96 in Tyler and Whitehouse when the ET-Span (local show about significant events in ET) is not shown.  Show sponsors: Advanced Visuals & Computers, Inc and Broadway Video Studio, and Eric Jensen, Attorney At Law, and Broadway Internet Services.*

This show is produced to inform Texas viewers about the issues of law and fact that affect Texans and Texas Families. Our whole premise is that the facts of life are the moving forces of the law. The law is a reflection of the way people act. If people did not steal, there would be no law against it. It's that simple. Everyone's actions impel the law. Tune in each week and see for yourself. You deserve to know about your legal system, good, bad, warts, human behavior, controls, behavior that needs control. We try to specialize in one topic of the law every week. We discuss more issues about an area of people's legal (illegal-unlawful) behavior in one 30 minute show than politicians discuss in an entire election year. You watch, and you'll see. No other show is like it. This show is local. Wish we had more time to devote to it. Can you help?

If your programmer of your cable company needs a quality 30 minute show, with time for commercial inserts, Texas Lawyers' TV is available for licensing, call Broadway Video Studio at 903-581-7883 for details. We have also contacts in other areas of legal/business educational programming. Call us. We are affordable and entertaining.

1st Show: Guest Attorney Sam George on Interview of Father wanting custody of his children

2nd Show: Guest Attorney Bobby Mims on Driving While Intoxicated and the Curbside and Breath Tests and Video Interrogation

3rd Show: Guest Attorney Sam Griffith on Intoxication Manslaughter and rights of Defendants and victims.

4th Show: Guest Attorney Charles Alworth on Copyright Law

5th Show: Guest Attorney Clifton Roberson on Juvenile Justice

6th Show: Guest Attorney Paul Pruitt on Owner Financed Real Estate Deals

7th Show Gurest Attorney Kyle Morrison on Landlord and Tenant Law

8th Show Guest Attorney Glen Perry on Personal Injury Rights of Plaintiffs.

9th Show: Guest Attorney Nathan Hoffman on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

10th Show: Guest Attorney Jeffery Clark on Child Support Guidelines and Enforcement w/ special guest child support advocate and alleged victim of neglectful legal system, Cathy Hesterley. View March 9, 1997.

11th Show: "Lost War On Drugs"--Guest Attorney Donald F. Killingsworth, criminal defense attorney discussing the law, and show discussing the War on Drugs, the diminshed role of the 4th amendment, politics, snitches, drug war profiteers, ideas, and TLTV's endorsement of suggestion to further decriminalize at least marijuana. Reference is made to the Committee on Drugs and the Law of the Association of the Bar (+21,000 members) of New York public hearing document entitled: "A Wiser Course: Ending Drug Prohibition." See www.abcny.org. View March 16, 1997.

12th Show: Guest Attorney Bill Routon on Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act and consumer protection law. View March 23, 1997.

13th Show: Our guest is NOT an attorney: Dan Lambe of Citizen Action of Austin, Texas, www.citizenaction/org/tx, about the important consumer issues and your safety and recourse. Viewed March 30, 1997. I asked Dan after the show if he had ever been interviewed like that before, and he said "no, and not for that long." It was a great show and Texas Citizen Action needs your support. $5.00 per year gets their news letter. You might be interested in which special interest is pursuing what in Austin, and is it costing you money?

14th Show: Guest Attorney Gary Morgan on Worker's Compensation law and procedures and pitfalls. View April 13, 1997.

15th Show: Guest Attorney-Mediator Richard Lottman, to discuss the hopes and pitfalls of pre-trial mediation of legal disputes. Moderator, Eric Jensen discusses the Theory of the Pyramid of Ignorance in the Courtroom, with the clients being the least ignorant, the attorneys being more ignorant, and the judge or jury, who only hear the client's storey one time are at the pinnicle of ignorance. View April 19, 1997, at 10:30 pm.

16th Show, Guest attorney Ken Findley, to discuss Last Wills and Testaments, Living Trusts (ugh!), Living Wills and a little on probate. Check it out to see how easy it is for you to make a will. View on April 26, 1997, at 10:30pm.

17th Show, "Divorce on a Platter." Guest, Tyler attorney, Leslie McLean, tells you what's up and down in the divorce-family law arena. Be sure to watch. May 4, 1997, UPN 22/48, check you local listing.

18th Show, "No-Fault Auto Insurance" legislative proposal--sounds like Socialists disguised as so-called Conservatives propose dreamboat legislation for buddy insurance magnates. You gotta love this country. Guest trial attorney Craig Daugherty eloquently exposes the one-sided nature of this bill that will eviserate your coverage and billfold. View May 11, 1997.

19th Show, "Negotiating Oil and Gas Leases" Guest attorney Scott Knight appears to dissect oil and gas leases for the royalty owner. View May 18, 1997.

20th Show, Dallas graduate of SMU Law School and attorney candidate John Hagan comes to Tyler to show how you can research the internet to help solve your legal problems. He will give you specific addresses for a general understanding of many legal subjects. Airs May 25, 1997.

Special Show: "Business and the Law" The ups and downs of a microprocessor company--from inception and financing, through good times and then unexpected bad times--when notes are due and creditors are demanding full payment or foreclosure. This show was purchased by Texas Lawyer's TV for your education of business law. Airs June 1, 1997.

21st Show: TLTV travels to Houston, Texas to interview a medical malpractice attorney, Jim Mac Perdue. Be sure to watch this show--we will make two shows out of this interview. 1st segment airs June 8, 1997.

22nd Show: TLTV continues with its Medical Malpractice show, continued from last week, airs June 15, 1997

23rd Show: TLTV travelled to the Wilmington Institute of Trial and Settlement Sciences in Dallas, Texas and interviewed top jury analyst Dr. Robert Gordon, PhD and JD--a psychologist and attorney. His services are presently being utilized by the Texas Attorney General vs. the Tobacco Industry. Check out his web site at www.wilimington-institute.com. This show will be in two parts with the first part airing on June 22, 1997.

24th Show. TLTV continues with part 2 of the interview with Dr. Robert Gordon of the Wilmington Institute of Trial and Settlement Sciences in Dallas. You should hear moderator state what's on his mind about the jury and judge system. View June 28, 1997.

25th Show: TLTV travelled to Dallas, Texas to the law firm of Clark, Keller and West and interviwed Mark Shank, a senior in partner in the firm and we talk about Employment Law. You should view this show if you are an employee or and employer. View on July 5, 1997.

26th Show: TLTV continues with Dallas attorney Mark Shank on Employment Law. You will learn about your rights and responsibilities and remedies if you are wrongly discharged from employment. View on July 12, 1997.

27th Show: The "Death Penalty Show" TLTV airs local psychologist Thomas Allen, a noted courtroom expert in capital murder criminal cases and serves as an expert in child custody cases. Airs on July 19, 1997.

28th Show: TLTV air local attorney Donald Patterson discusses Immigration Law and the trends and pitfalls of the legal process of attaining permanent legal status in the USA. Airs August 2, 1997

29th Show: Fight your traffic tickets. Local attorney Amy Blum tells us how to fight the traffic ticket you desparately want off of your record. Airs August 9, 1997.

30th Show: Modification of Divorce Decrees: Attorney Carole Clark discusses increasing child support, changing conservatorship of children and altering Family Code guidelines. View August 16, 1997.

31st Show: Buckle your seat belt as we size up Prosecutors. Attorney Robert Perkins, former exc. prosecutor, now criminal defense attorney, tells all (a lot). View August 23, 1997.

32nd Show: Victims, victims, victims...Life is hell. Sensitive show on plight of victims and info about compensatory state programs to aid victims of violent crime. Victim advocate and coordinator Betty Whitten of the Smith County District Attorneys Office speaks to victims. View August September 6, 1997.

33rd Show: Immediate Past President of Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Assoc. discusses "harmless error," bond conditions, some of the Andrew Lee Mitchell case--14 years on death row before release for failure of authorities to provide exculpatory evidence, and how the authorities would treat the Papparazi if Princess Di died in Texas. Airs September 13, 1997.

34th Show: Social Security Disability Benefits--Attorney Richard Kuna discusses the application process. Airs September 20. 1997.

35th Show: David Bragg of Citizen Alert and Walt Borges of Texas Citizen Action, both of Austin discuss consumer issues and "Court Watch", watching the Supreme Court of Texas leanings away from the consumer and toward establishment institutions. Airs September 27, 28, 1997

36th Show:  Justice of the Peace Mitch Shamburger of Winona, Texas tells about his court's business and the remedies available to people appearing in his court.  Airs October 4, 5, 1997

Repeat Show:  Immigration Law, with Attorney Don Patterson.  Airs October 11, 12, 1997.

Repeat Show:  Landlord and Tenant Law, with Attorney Kyle Morrison.  Airs October 18, 19, 1997.

37th Show:  Dallas attorney Windle Turley (www.wturley.com)--talks about the Catholic Church, Rudy Kos and child molestation.  Taped in Dallas, Texas. Airs October 25, 26, 1997.

38th Show:  Continuation of interview with Windle Turley and his victory over the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas, Texas.  The 120M judgment is measured  by the evidence of mental angish suffered by the victims of child molestations.

39th Show:  Creditors' attorney Ronnie Horsley from Tyler, Texas talks about creditors protecting themselves against debtors defaulting on loans or accounts.  Creditors can benefit from watching this show on November 8 and 9, 1997.

40th Show:  Medical Malpractice--TLTV travels to Houston, Texas to talk with two lawyers, a Plaintiff's attorney and a Defense attorney.  Jack McGehee represents persons injured or killed by medical malpractice and Tim Riley represents doctors and hospitals who are sued for medical malpractice.  2 part series.  Airs on November 15 and 16 and second part on November 22 and 23, 1997

41st Show:  Medical Malpractice--TLTV continues with this exciting conclusion of our series on your rights to good health care and holding the medical profession and HMOs to the highest decree of care.

42nd Show:  Judge William Wayne Justice:  PBS station in Dallas KERA has given TLTV permission to rerun the interview of Judge Justice taken in Tyler 10 years ago.  What he said then is applicable now.  He would not grant TLTV an new interview so we are lucky to have this video to show you over the next two weeks.

43rd Show:  Continuation of last week's show on William Wayne Justice, the most misunderstood judge in the country.  Watch this exciting conclusion of the video interview of the  life of of a legal giant.

44th Show:  Tyler attorney Karen Hughes discusses Marital Property Law, Community Property and Separate property estates.  This is a good time to discover how you have commingled all of your property into one big, happy community property estate. Airs December 13, 14, 1997.

December 20, 21 shows will repeat Karen Hughes's show on Marital Property Law, as TLTV prepares to travel to San Antonio to take the former director of the FBI, William Sessions' interview.

45th Show:  Products Liability--Randy and Bruce Roberts of the Tyler firm of Roberts and Roberts will discuss the frontier battle over unsafe products in this fault-based legal system of ours that unfairly lets manufacturers off the legal hook for injuries caused to consumers.  Airs Dec 27, 28

46th Show:  Former Federal District Judge William Sessions will discuss judicial integrity and public opinion and respect for the independence of the courts.  Judicial elections in state court and the politics of judges will lead to a lively discussion, to determine if courts and our legal system is still for sale.  Airs January 3,4

47th Show:  Continuation of Former Federal District Judge William Sessions interview on judicial independence.  Airs January 10, 11.

January 17 repeat of Show 39,  January 18 repeat of Show 47 with William Sessions.

48th Show:  Governmental Immunity with Tyler attorney Bill Hommel, who is presently suing Texas A&M over the injuries his client allegedly received during a hazing event with the Corp of Cadets.  Airs January 24, 25.

49th Show:  Judicial Forum for candidates for Judge of the Court of Appeals 12th Dist, includes Tyler, Longview, ET area, Incumbent Judge Charles Holcomb and Jim Worthen.  Airs Feb 7,8

50th Show:  Continuation of Judges Forum.  Candidates for the 321st Judicial District Family Law Court, Karen Hughes and Carole Clark, former guests on this show, talk about the court and themselves.  Airs Feb 14, 15.

Schedule Subject to Change.

Upcoming legal shows may or may not be in any order of appearance: medical malpractice, sports and entertainment law, community property concepts, more on the lawsuit abuse regime, premises (apartments, hotels, restaurants, retail store--crimes against persons and negligence caused injuries) liability, psychological analysis of sexual child abuse charges, criminal appeals involving harmless error, business entities--corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships.

Don't worry, we will re-run these shows and add new ones, too.

A copy of a video tape of each show can be purchased for $25.00. Call studio at 903-581-7883 to order your tape.

Copyright 1997, Broadway Video Studio, All Rights Reserved.

*Not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. WARNING: This show is no substitute for personal, sound legal advice from your attorney. Your situations are different than the situtations we discuss on the show, and the law may be applied differently in your situation. We can only talk in generalities with the little time we have.

Email: ericj@sat.net

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